Live Webinar – Taxation of UK Property Income

Live Webinar – Taxation of UK Property Income – Wednesday 15th of June 2022 – 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

This webinar will cover the below in-depth, with practical examples, live polls and a Q&As session.

  1. When do you have a UK Property Income?
  2. Joint Ownership – Who’s Income is it?
  3. Cash Basis vs Accruals Basis.
  4. Revenue vs Capital Expenses.
  5. Interest Relief.
  6. Rent a Room Relief.
  7. Property Allowance.
  8. Overseas Property Business.
  9. Furnished Holiday Let.
  10. Property Business Losses.
  11. Non-Resident Landlords.
  12. Non-Disclosure.
  13. Q&As

Registration fees of £35 applies.

The recording will be available to all the registered participants within 24 hours of the webinar.

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