Residency & Domicile Status

Residence Status

Your tax residency status determines whether and how you will be taxed on your UK and worldwide income.

You can automatically be a non-UK resident or automatically be a UK resident however, sometimes the situation is not as simple and clear.

Where the automatic statutory rules fail to determine the residency status of an individual, further complex rules need to be applied to determine the residency status.

Your residency status can be affected if you have arrived in the UK or departed from the UK during a tax year.

Domicile Status

Determining the domicile status of an individual is a highly complex area of law and it must not be confused with the residency status. You can be resident in the UK but not necessarily domiciled in the UK.

An individual can be the UK domiciled or a deemed domiciled in the UK. Your domicile status determines how and when you pay tax on your overseas income and capital gains.

We are a team of expert tax advisers who can help you determine your residency and domicile status, claim the remittance basis, remit funds from oversea to the UK in the most tax-efficient manner and advise on keeping clean funds before you become a UK resident.

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